Sunday, 3 July 2011

Local Sunset

My best friend was getting married this weekend and it was my sister's 21st so no major paddling, if any was planned.  So I set out from Llantwit major for a quite hours paddle to wind down after a busy weekend.
I launched out at high water from Llantwit major toward St Donnats castle.  Any farther and I wouldn't get back from the pull of Nash passage.  There was a nice size swell once again preventing any cave exploration.

 Nearing Llantwit on the return trip a couple of guys were enjoying some cliff diving. 
I turned back to enjoy the sun dying off to the west calling a close to another weekend.  Landing proved a little difficult with some nasty dumping surf.  Not huge just awkward with the water so high up on the jagged boulders.  The slipway/path has been buried in pebbles since we had all those nasty prolonged winds.  Glad I got a plastic boat, for today anyway, keep posted...

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