Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cardiff Bay 28/11/09

I was hoping the forecast of a force 7 to 8 may
be wrong as the sky's were blue and there didn't
seem to be any wind. So I packed up my boat
and drove on down to my local bay. No chance!
So I opted for a very calm and settled paddle down
at Cardiff Bay.

I went down to my usual launch site on the River Taff
but was sent away. Due to the high river levels lately
the river was full of rubbish and was in the process of
being cleaned, however I think this might have had
something to do with the body that was found further
up river. So I went over the bridge to the River

It was a case of dodge the log!

Cardiff Marina

The lock gates
The Barrage, supposed to look like sails of a boat from a
The remains of the old docks with the pierhead building in the back.

Pierhead building, The Senedd Assembly building and Millennium Center

The Norwegian Saylors Church and Cardiff Bay Waterbus

Monday, 9 November 2009

Evening at Aberthaw

A very muddy Limpert Bay

Due to weather, work commitments and the fact it gets dark
around 5pm, I haven't had the chance to venture out in my
kayak. With my last customer of the day canceling and
the winds finally dying down I had a two hour window to
get out for a quick paddle down my local bay.

Looking to the West toward Llantwit Major and Nash Point

The water intake tower which provides water to the power
Station for cooling

Aberthaw Power Station

The outfalls which spew out millions of gallons of warm
water back out into the bay from the cooling tanks

I paddled as far as Fontagary and turned back. The calm
conditions gave me chance to perfect my forward stroke.
I timed it just right as it got dark just as I loaded the car.
I think a towing trolley is my next buy. It was spot
on low tide when I got back to the bay and the walk up
the beach was a killer! Not to mention the mud and tons
of sea weed!