Saturday, 9 July 2011

Petrel Build #5 - First Strips

The first strips are on.  I spent a while setting up the forms on the strongback and securing them with cleats.  I then cut and shaped the stem pieces seen here on the bow.
The first two strips (on each side) are the most important because the rest of the strips follow in place.  The lower one is the sheer strip.  This is the strip that joins the deck and the hull together, where you would find the seam tape on a glass boat.  I'm using cove and bead strips so first I had to remove the bead from the sheer strip.  Then the strip had to be beveled so when the deck is laid there is a perfect seal between the deck and hull.  The sheer strip is also beveled thinner at the ends to allow it to bend.  The upper strip is placed almost straight, more in line with the chine.  This makes adding the following strips much easier without having to bend each one.
This is the progress I made earlier today.  Both sheer and second strips are on both sides and I have started building up the strips toward the bow on the left.
See how the strips are following the second strip which is placed in a straight line.  Each strip is beveled to a point to fit snug between the sheer.  You can also see here I'm using a mix of staples, masking tape and spring clamps to hold the strips together while the glue sets.
The sharp bevel point clearly seen above with the darker strip.  I'm getting really mess with the glue and I have a feeling I'm going to have a few small gaps to fill.  So far I can honestly say it's going easier than expected but progress is very slow.  I took me about two hours to fit two whole strips and two beveled strips today.  A Special thanks to Barry at FourPosters for supplying the strips and getting them to me packed so well.  The wood looks lovely, shame my handy work is spoiling them.


soundoftheseagull said...

Looking good you clever buggar!

Dr Blug said...

Stuart, let the glue set a little then scrape it off with a blade, its a lot easier than wiping it off. do the same on the inside too with a paint hook.
It looks like you have started off really well!

Stuart said...

Cheers guys. thanks for the advice Mike, only trouble is I'm never there long enough for the glue to dry.