Sunday, 20 December 2009

Wasted Jouney

I had the day off work so made my way down to Swansea.
The water from the pool session on Wednesday was frozen
in my hatches and the cover was coated in a thin layer of snow.
It was absolutely boltic!

I parked up near the Mumbles aiming to make my way
Westward with the ebb. Paid £4 parking loaded my kayak
and hopped over the sand dunes to be welcomed by a very
wind swept beach. I battled my way down to the shore
walking at an almost 45 degree angle. Not even half way there
I could see there was no chance I was getting in. I couldn't keep
the boat straight on land yet alone in the water.

Not to completely waste the journey I made my way around
the headland to Langland bay which seemed far more settled.
Plus I was able to use the same parking ticket, bargain!

Paddling just out from the bay the wind gust around the
headland making it almost impossible to paddle in the
direction I wanted to go. So I stayed in the shelter of the
bay and had a play about with the surf around the small
rocky island just off the beach.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Llantwit Major to Sully Island 12/12/09

Llantwit Major beach

Being frustrated with the weather lately I decided to take
advantage of the 'not so bad' conditions. Forecast was clear,
force 4/5 possible 7 later and an Easterly wind. I launched
from a deserted Llantwit Major beach at 7:30 am to make
the most of the East flowing flood.

Sun Rise just off Llantwi beach

Looking back toward Llantwit on my progress

I made a bee-line for the water intake tank just off Aberthaw.

Rhoose Point

As I approached Aberthaw the condition turned very rough.
I wondered if this was the case for the rest of the trip and
contemplated turning back. The front of my boat spent most
of the time burred in the waves whilst I had a face full of salt
water. Hence no pictures!

Looking back toward Aberthaw Power Station and Fontagary
Caravan Park up on the cliff

Looking on to my first stop, The Knap Barry

Porthkarry Viaduct

The Knap

It was here I realised I had left my drink bottle and pack lunch
in the van!! Idiot!

Marker off Friars Point, Barry

Barry Pleasure Beach

Barry pilot boat entering Barry Docks
When I stopped to take this photo I was between the
breakwater entrance, thats how much the wind was blowing
me back. (plus I was faffing with the camera!)

Breakwater light

Flat Holm not looking to far away, maybe next time!

I'm guessing this is some sort of statical recording buoy?
If anyone knows let me know.

Sully Island, shall I carry on or land???
I did intend to carry on as far as Penarth and Cardiff
Bay but with a lack of food or drink I felt it was wise to stop.
Even though I was going with the tide I was also paddling into
the wind and once I stopped that was it.

Pub at last! Come on Missus pick me up I'm freezing!

Sully Island

I had a fairly calm trip. I hugged the bays most the way which
seemed to shelter me from the wind but as soon as I went
around any headland I took a battering.
Total trip approximately 12 nautical miles or 22 kilometers.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Aberthaw at sundown

Ogmore by Sea

Llantwit Major Beach 05/12/09

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cardiff Bay 28/11/09

I was hoping the forecast of a force 7 to 8 may
be wrong as the sky's were blue and there didn't
seem to be any wind. So I packed up my boat
and drove on down to my local bay. No chance!
So I opted for a very calm and settled paddle down
at Cardiff Bay.

I went down to my usual launch site on the River Taff
but was sent away. Due to the high river levels lately
the river was full of rubbish and was in the process of
being cleaned, however I think this might have had
something to do with the body that was found further
up river. So I went over the bridge to the River

It was a case of dodge the log!

Cardiff Marina

The lock gates
The Barrage, supposed to look like sails of a boat from a
The remains of the old docks with the pierhead building in the back.

Pierhead building, The Senedd Assembly building and Millennium Center

The Norwegian Saylors Church and Cardiff Bay Waterbus

Monday, 9 November 2009

Evening at Aberthaw

A very muddy Limpert Bay

Due to weather, work commitments and the fact it gets dark
around 5pm, I haven't had the chance to venture out in my
kayak. With my last customer of the day canceling and
the winds finally dying down I had a two hour window to
get out for a quick paddle down my local bay.

Looking to the West toward Llantwit Major and Nash Point

The water intake tower which provides water to the power
Station for cooling

Aberthaw Power Station

The outfalls which spew out millions of gallons of warm
water back out into the bay from the cooling tanks

I paddled as far as Fontagary and turned back. The calm
conditions gave me chance to perfect my forward stroke.
I timed it just right as it got dark just as I loaded the car.
I think a towing trolley is my next buy. It was spot
on low tide when I got back to the bay and the walk up
the beach was a killer! Not to mention the mud and tons
of sea weed!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Barry Dock 07/09/09

I Went for a quite late summer afternoon paddle in Barry
Dock to see the Tall Ship 'Stavros S Niarchos' up close.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Tusker Rock 14/10/09

Almost at Tusker Rock

I left Newton Point Bay two hours after low tide hoping to
catch Tusker Rock before it disappeared under the waves.
The Rocks are usually only dry two hours before and after
low tide. I was a little late setting off but with only a half
hour paddle out I made it before they disappeared. This
bay is great as a practice area as it's very sheltered from
the wind. I was lucky enough to spot two dolphins on my
way out.

There were a lot of breaking waves around the rock but
I managed to land on the north east side.


Tusker Rock with Ogmore by Sea in distance

Looking out to Tusker Buoy

I was hoping to paddle out to the Buoy but there were a
lot of breaking waves and I didn't fancy chancing it on my
first paddle.

The remains of the Ship Wreck

I then headed across to Ogmore By Sea and along the
cliffs to Dunraven Bay.

The wind forecast was force 1/2. There was a fair size swell
which created a lot of surf along Dunraven Bay where I was
hoping to land.

I made my way around Witches Point and landed at the next

After a quick bite to eat I made my way back against the
flow of the tide back to the car. The tide isn't extremely
strong along this part of the coast but it was a bit of a struggle
going past Ogmore by Sea, it felt like I was paddling
for ages and not going anywhere.

Only a short trip but was an experience for my first paddle
out to sea.