Saturday, 23 July 2011

Petrel Build #6 - Stripping the Hull

Granted it may look more like the Trojan war horse the Greeks used to deceive the Trojans...(it even has legs)
...But with some deceiving of my own and a little help from photo-shop it looks more like the up-swept bow of a Viking ship (bellow).  All I've done here is flipped the photo upside down and shaded the ends which will eventually be cut, sanded and capped with an outer stem.
The Stern (bellow) is proving to be a little difficult.  While the strips at the bow are still running straight and vertically the strips to the stern are being beveled, twisted, clamped and stapled.
I'm now at the point where all the strips have met the chine on the hull and will start to run horizontally.  It's going slower than I had hoped, although this is my busiest time of the year.  Maybe I should have left it as a winter project.  I try to fit at least a couple of strips each visit and slowly but surely I am making some progress.
The bow is almost filled in bar one small slither of a strip each side.  You can see here I'm not afraid to use the staple gun.  I'm looking to build a boat not a piece of furniture, small staple holes are evidence of the workmanship gone into it.  The next post on the boat build should see me fitting the keel strips hopefully filling in the rest of the hull.


stoney (Martyn) said...

Looking good dude! Can't wait to see it one day....

Dr Blug said...

very neat work Stuart!

Stuart said...

Haha you pair sould see it close up.