Sunday, 26 June 2011

Naked Holm

A change in the weather meant we managed to get out for some decent paddling, even if it was the same old trip out to Flat Holm.
We left a hectic Sully bay just after lunch into a slight south easterly wind in glorious sunshine.  It was perfect, a gentle breeze and small waves braking on the bow enough to cool the sweltering heat.
Today I was joined by Taran  and Jules who was paddling the yellow P&H Scorpio I tested last weekend. 
There seemed to be very little tidal assistance as we made directly for the far side of the island to explore.  From a distance it was obvious there were a lot of people on the island, looking rather pink.
I recognised the Norkapp and Capela straight away as being Richard and Eurions boats.  I had a sneaky feeling we might bump into someone today with the sudden break in the weather.
Thinking about it should only have guessed Eurion would have been here testing out the cider at the newly opened pub on the island.  Seems to have a knack at finding a pint at the end of a paddle :) At £5 entry and £2.50 we though we would give it a miss.  It was good to meet up having known them both for a quite a while as fellow bloggers.
It also seems we happened to have landed on the day the nudists had decided to descend on the island.  I got a feeling it Taran had it all planned out, I think he just wanted to join in.  Can't believe you asked that couple for a picture!  I don't have any pictures you will have to visit Tarans blog for those.
We left Richard and Eurion to their own plans and headed off on to our next destination, Monkstone lighthouse.
We left it a bit late heading out here before the change of the tide but had no problems as the water was slow to pick up momentum.
 Jules was eager to scale the lighthouse on his first trip out here.
 Next was Taran.  What goes up...
 Must come down!  Cant just come down like a normal person, got to either slide down the beach in his boat or jump off lighthouses.  I suppose it gives a new outlook to coasteering. 
 I couldn't resist the temptation to get a different camera shot in.  I must have more shots of Flat Holm and Monkstone than my kids.
 Taran in the clouds of swirling mud.
 With what wind there was with the tide the sea flattened out brilliantly.  We attempted to find some more 'active' waters around Lavernock but we weren't in luck.
 Just calm flat waters and Jellyfish.
 The speed of the current had picked up as the Ranie buoy approached out of nowhere.
 Before long we were hauling the boat back up on the beach at Sully after a very enjoyable days paddle.  No paddling this weekend coming but hopefully get out west at the end of the month and possibly with a new boat.


Taran Tyla said...

Great Pic's Stu & no, I didn't plan on it being a naturist weekend (LOL).

Just getting ready to leave for my Wales Trip, See'ya soon :)

eurion said...

Turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far - and what a day to be out paddling. Good to catch up at last! Think Taran has invented "Lighthouse Leaping" - could be worse might have started jumping buoys!

Had to take a second look at the naked thing going on at Flatholm, wasn't expecting that - all good fun - just hope they used plenty of suncream :)

Richard said...

It sure was a cracking day and good to finally meet up with you and Taran, still can't believe he asked that bloke if he could take a photo of him!

soundoftheseagull said...

Wow what a paddle

Stuart said...

Thanks guy's was a really enjoyable paddle.