Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cracking up!

After last nights Monday Club paddle down the bay my boat was looking worse for ware.  When I bought this boat there were a few hair line cracks around the cockpit coaming and the coaming itself looked like it had previously been repaired.  After a few roles it seems these cracks have become worse and the coaming is now moving.  I was hoping it would hold out until I got the fiberglass for my boat build but it looks like I might have to put my hand in my pocket a little sooner.  These pictures are for the purpose of the discussion on the sea kayak community pages.
Crack on the outside under the coaming lip.
Again under the coaming lip but on the opposite side.  This one looks like it has been previously repaired.
 From the inside looking up toward the deck where the coaming joins the deck.  Bearing in mind this is mega zoomed in.
 Again same angle but a different spot and a different crack.
 This is to show how the coaming joins the deck.  Also some sort of adhesive or sealant previously used?
This crack is under the deck roughly above my thigh.  It looks worse than it is.  I think this is just some added glass that has flaked off, looks almost like when dry paint cracks and comes off.  It doesn't seem to have damaged the actual deck.  It looks like the added glass which was used to install the skeg slider.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Hello Stuart I am sorry to see this damage to your kayak, I hope you get it fixed soon.

stoney (Martyn) said...

How strange, I feel as though I should go out and check mine right now!
I have been looking into putting a keel strip on mine, and I have discovered that there are thousands of 'experts' out there in the WWW, all of whom sound like they know what they're saying. Unfortunately they all have differant solutions

Stuart said...

Thanks Doug hopefully it will be a quick fix...hmmmmm!

Mart was just thinking the same thing. I might take it down to the boat repairers see what their advice is. Yours should be fine it looks like mine was repaired previously. Although have a read of this: http://gnarlydognews.blogspot.com/2011/07/fail-list-of-problems.html
It might be worth reinforcing it, especially as Tahe Marine aint built as strong as the British kayaks. Not sure if I'll be out west now???

stoney (Martyn) said...

Just had a look, Just send for the stuff from East coast, and go for it!
I think I'm going to add some stengthening to mine at some point. I think as mine is so small, it is very solid and rigid, but I have found bits that let the light through when viewed from inside - worrying, although its only where the white inner gel coat has come off. I didn't put it in my post, but it did fall off the car roof the other week, and it scared me! It seems ok though.

gnarlydog said...

Damage the coaming/deck area is a common problem with most kayaks.
I have reinforced ALL of my kayaks now since most of them cracked there. I reinforce the joint with woven fiberglass and often a bit of carbon, even on brand new boats that have never been in the water.
Manufacturers don’t use anything but resin and filler in the joint so a crack is inevitable if one uses the kayak aggressively.
Stuart, I sent you an email with detailed instruction on the repair procedure.

Taran Tyla said...

Think I'll make my new coaming for the Nordy a little thicker?

Got plenty spare glass fibre but my resins black, probably not what you want (LOL).

Axel said...

In the first picture it looks like the hull under the coaming is cracked; fibres sticking out. Furthermore it looks like a 'quick-and-dirty' previous repair. The boat must have taken a big 'hit'. Ie. hitting the bottom in surf, or dropped from a height, where the cockpit area might be a weak spot in this kayak.

If you want any long-lasting repair I advice to remove the cockpit rim alltogether first(tedious work with a dremel tool). Also the unknown glue of the previous repair might interfere with bonding to new fibre-glass.

In any case repair the hull crack with chopped strand on the inside. Anything less and the hull crack cracks quickly re-appear. Completely chip/dremel all cracked bits away and refill with white gelcoat.

If you have never before worked with glass fibre then you will find it difficult to make a good looking long-lasting repair.

Or get advice from a nearby person who has glass fibre experience. Remove the coming yourself and then have an expert redo the coaming and make the reinforcements. The longest time will take the removal of the rim. Refitting by an experienced glass fibre guy would be easy then and affordable.

The pictures might look worse than it is, but in my opinion it is bad enough.

Looks like the hull under the coa

Stuart said...

Martyn - I got some of those 'light' patches in mine, a bit worrying. I've ordered the kit this morning and hopefully get it done this weekend. I'll probably be down west next weekend if you fancy a paddle.

Gnarly huge help thank you.

Taran, might be worth it, takes a bit of a beating with the spray deck, sitting on it, lifting it.

Axel thanks for the advice. There is no damage to the hull it's all in the coaming. It's not that bad I would say it's still water worthy, just a bit of reinforcing should do the job.

Tyla Images said...

If you want a hand on the glassing I'm happy to help. I'm no expert but I did spend a couple of months in pembroke glassing half million pound boats.

Fancy getting your paddles wet on the weekend? I'm gonna be down Ogmore way camping.