Saturday, 18 July 2015

Southerndown to Llantwit Major

We left a vehicle at Llantwit Major and made our way to Southerndown for a quick late afternoon one way trip.  The tide was up on the rocks when we launched and it was a bit tricky getting out.  It was a case of get in, deck on and push off the rocks on the next wave with a crunch and a scrape.

Out on the water there was a bit of swell running up the channel but there wasn't much wind and Elans sail was shortly stowed away.
We made our way easterly with the fast tides along Nash sand bar, which was deceivingly hidden bellow the dark waters.
Looking back the sun was quickly settling down toward the horizon for the end of another day.
It is usually low water when we pass here as very rarely do we do this trip this way around.  It Made a nice change to get up close to the cliffs under the lighthouse.
Looking back west the sun broke free from the cloud above but quickly disappeared again beyond the golden sandstone cliffs.
Up ahead the fading golden cliffs lead us back to Llantwit Major to the end of our short hour and half trip.  No better way to spend a summers evening.