Saturday, 23 April 2011

Petrel Build #2 - Drawing The Forms

All this nice weather and I've barely been out in the boat, this is what I've been doing.  Since the last boat building post I've been busy drawing up the forms on to graph paper, a bit like marking co-ordinates on a map and then joining the dots.  The outcome is a cross section slice of the boat which is then transferred on to 1/2 inch thick MDF.  These cross sections are then threaded on to a 14ft length of 2x4 called a strongback.  This strongback is essentially the backbone of the boat upon which the cedar strips are laid.  It is important all these 'co-ordinates' are in the right place, a 1/4 inch out and I end up with a oddly shaped boat.  There are 16 cross sectional forms all together and two end forms (bow and stern).  There is also a cockpit recess and hatch forms to draw out but I'll do that when the time comes to installing them.
 On my rainy day when I can't work (fortunately only one) I made these two saw horses to support the strongback.  They also double as a kayak stand when I'm finished, the top cross beams are removed and replaced with a loose webbing where the boat can sit. 
I've also been busy sourcing my tools and materials.  I am literally starting this boat with nothing.  I bought this shiny new block plane, probably the most expensive and key tools for the job.  I've also found a good supplier for the cedar strips and been playing about with some test strips.
I have also found a place to build.  Thanks to one very kind farmer I have a the use of a corner of a large barn. 

I'm going to add absolutely everything I have bought for the build not just the materials used in the boat.

Materials and Supplies so far:   

Two books - £17.32
9 sheets of graph paper - £11.97
Large Ruler - £1.26
French Curve - £4.49
Jigsaw blades - £4.98
Screws - £7.48
MDF (for the forms) - £15.48
2x4 Timber (for the saw horses) - £18.72
Spray Glue - £9.79
Block Plane - £49
Total £140.49

Wow..and that's doesn't include any materials that will be include as part of the actual boat.  From what I've seen it should cost no more than around £800 for the entire build, but that obviously doesn't include all the extras such as tools and supplies of which I have few.  With a boiler on the blink don't expect progress to be quick!

Here is an on board video of the Petrel in action.  

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