Sunday, 17 July 2011

High Winds & Doodles

I spent yesterday afternoon washing and shinning up my new boat and while it was out by the road I thought I might as well load it up and head down the road to Aberthaw.
 I knew the forecast was for strong winds (F6-8 Beaufort) but Aberthaw is usually sheltered from the worst.  If this was sheltered I would have liked to have seen it down at Nash Point!
Absolutely no chance of launching, especially in my new boat.  An hour or so earlier an there may have been a bit of sand to launch off.
So I was stuck at home bored and when I'm bored I doodle, what do you think? I thought it would be fitting having a white bird for a white boat and if I can line it up with the water line the fish should dip in and out of the water on the move.

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