Saturday, 27 July 2013

Holm Buoys

I had set myself up for a paddle across the Bristol Channel, along the east Exmoor coast and hop back across the channel before darkness.  I was in a battle between my heart and head.  The latter was concerned about the forecast.  Southerly force 3-4, gusting 5-6 in the evening with heavy, thundery showers.  It would have been a long day on my own so put it on the burner for another day.  

Meanwhile I needed a short local paddle now to fill my day.  High water was about 1130 so I opted for a trip out to Flat Holm for the second time this week but taking in Monkstone Lighthouse also.  
Again big tides ferried me along at an easy 6-7 knots.  I had to fight the tide as I neared Flat Holm to get around to the east side of the island and under the lighthouse.
I parked up on Coal Beach and relaxed in serenity with my breakfast.  I simply sat around enjoying the view for a good hour, something I rarely actually do.  
From memory I allowed myself 30 minutes to paddle across the two miles to Monkstone Lighthouse.
 From the lighthouse I followed the line of buoys back to Sully.  First Cardiff Spit....
Then Cardiff South....
 And finally Ranie.  The tide increased considerably with each buoy.
I left out the Lavernock spit buoy which would mean heading back out off shore.  The Wolves can also be seen set against Steepholm.
It's been a while since I last did that trip and it was great retracing my steps once more.  As I packed up my kit the heavens opened and I couldn't help thinking if I had gone with my original plan I would have another eight hours to go.

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