Thursday, 11 July 2013

Starting Them Young

The sea has been like a pond in the evenings lately so I figured I could get away with squeezing my 4 year old son Zakk on my lap and take him out on the water.
All kitted out and ready to go.
There was plenty of room for Zakk to squeeze in between my knees.
We got out from the shore looking down the Bristol Channel with the sun settling down in the West when Zakk said "this is brilliant".
I couldn't pack up without giving Connor a go, but this wasn't going to be as simple.  We were packed into the cockpit so tight I don't think we would have got out if we had gone over, which made me a little nervous. 
Connor loved it as well and it was a task getting either of them out.  Zakk had to have another go just so he could have one over on his big brother.  
They want their own boats now.  It would be great if one day they can look back on these pictures and say 'that's where it all started'.


Taran Tyla said...

your doing it wrong Stu, you need to dress them as pirates or vikings next time butty :)

peter said...

Hi stu I thought I would let you know we have managed to get our webcam at Nells Point back on line.
Could you pass on to your friends and members.
Peter (Coastwatch)

Stuart said...

Thanks Peter I will pass it on.