Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Evening At Flat Holm

High water was at 2030 so a late paddle out to Flat Holm seemed to be the perfect way to spend a Tuesday evening.  The crossing usually takes under an hour so it would be perfectly timed for a sunset on the return journey.  I was joined by Chris and Gary tonight.  
We departed from The Captains Wife Sully and were easily travelling 7 knots on the big spring tide.
The water was definitely flowing underneath us in a confused state.  There was a a following breeze that would likely cause a bit of chop against tide on the return trip.
I brought along my hand line in the hope of catching something for the first time, it was not to be.
The tide was really flowing on approach to the island foiling any plans of a anti clockwise circumnavigation.
So we paddled on through the easterly race and on to Castle Rock.

I don't think I have seen the tide this high on Flat Holm before, and there was still another half hour before high water.  The beach and slipway were well underwater so we went onto Coal Beach which is a little higher.

Just enough room to park a kayak but the tide was still rising.
This was Gary's first visit to the island so we took a short walk up top.  There were young gulls everywhere and grumpy parents.  Time to leave before we get splattered.
Back on the water and through Castle Rock dead on high water.

Looking down at the GPS the tide didn't seem to be taking us yet.
There was a thin line of cloud blocking a full sunset.  The tide finally kicked in about half way across causing some choppy water as predicted with the opposing wind.  Glimpsing down at the GPS I noticed we were veering slightly off course so increased our angle of approach.
Behind a huge 'super moon' rose beyond Flat Holm.  This was my poor attempt of catching it on film whist trying to brace against the race off Lavernock.
We arrived back at the Captains Wife in the last of the days dying light.
Looking back at our GPS track you can see where the southerly tide was at it's strongest.  Combined with our relaxed approach it almost pushed us off course.  An enjoyable evening on the water making the best of the settled conditions.  It seems it's all change as of next week with heavy rain and wind forecast.

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