Saturday, 3 August 2013

Three Cliffs Bay

Elan had to make a kayak delivery at Port-Eynon on the Gower and asked me to tag along.  Well it would be rude not to do a little paddling while we were there.  Getting there took a bit longer than expected with motorway closures and heavy traffic.  The forecast was for heavy thunder showers and strong winds but on arrival the sun was out and the beach packed with sunbathers.
Elan wanted to fill a gap in the coastline near Three Cliffs Bay so the plan was to head east from Port-Eynon with the flood.  Elan was trying out a P&H Aries available for demo from Up&Under.
The gentle conditions soon turned choppy as we reached the outer bay.
Elan had rigged up a Go-Pro on his rear deck to capture some of the trip.  After rounding Oxwich Point we landed briefly to make some adjustments to the camera.  We then carried on around Oxwich Bay to Three Cliffs.
There is an arch in the cliffs which leads to a beach on the other side.  Elan wanted to land through this arch even though there was a good 4ft or so of surf crashing through.

The water wasn't quite deep enough so we came around the long way for a short lunch stop.
Apparently due to the recent warm weather there has been a surge in Jelly Fish populations.  We saw plenty of them out on the water and they were being swept on to the beach in numbers also.  This is a Moon Jelly Fish.
Elan was determined to paddle through the arch and the water was just deep enough now if he timed it right.
Here he is coming through the arch.
We set off again into a strong head wind and large swell this time heading in a direct line back to Port-Eynon Point.
Perfect conditions for the P&H Aries.

The large waves kept the long slog interesting as we battened into the wind.

From the point we glided back into the bay on the waves where sunbathers were still making the best of the sunny weather.  So much for the heavy showers.
A cracking day on the water, thanks Elan for the invite.


Dani Gorgon said...

Hello Stuart, How did you make that route map with the average speed, distance, calories burnt etc ? Is it an app on iPhone or some widget?

Dani Gorgon

Stuart said...

Hi Dani, It's a Runtastic app on my Samsung phone

I use it for running but as I recently found out it works well on the water also.