Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lifeboats & Helicopters

Lifeboats & helicopters, add fire engines to the mix and I have one very happy son.  Zakk loves anything to do with rescues so when I found out the RAF Sea King and Penarth lifeboat crew were performing a display at the Penarth Summer Festival this weekend I thought Zakk and Connor would love it.
Here he is in the Penarth Lifeboat station.
Penarth Lifeboat crew launching.
Arrival of the RAF Sea King with Flat Holm and Steep Holm.
RAF Sea King, Penarth Lifeboat and Flat Holm.
Zakk loving the display with his own Sea King.
The next day I took Zakk out for another paddle but the sea was a little more unsettled that last time.  This time I took him to Llantwit Major beach.  Kitted out Zakk was ready to go.  I connected him to a short tow in the event that if we should come out he would be connected to me.
 Zakk was loving it once again.  I paddled a short distance to Tresilian Bay where there are some cave but it was a bit risky to get in close to explore.  Youngsters were jumping and swimming in the sea as they normally do around this area at high water on a nice summers day.  We paddled back into a surprisingly stiff headwind.  Small waves broke on my bow sending spray in to Zakks smiling face.
We landed back at Llantwit and took off our wet kit just as a mayday sounded over the radio.  "Any vessels within the area of Llantwit Major beach able to assist three swimmers being taken out to sea".  I jumped up but couldn't see anyone in the water.  I was about to get us back in the boat when a fishing vessel just off shore responded to the mayday.  The swimmers were quickly found and aboard the fishing vessel awaiting the Porthcawl RNLI vessel.  Me and Zakk sat on the beach watching and listening to the rescue unfold.  They were found in the exact spot from where we just came so can only assume it was the same youngsters.
Zakk was excited to see the lifeboat again.  After they returned the swimmers to shore they did a quick sweep of the beach, waving to Zakk as they went by.  As I write this Zakk is now playing with his new lego rescue helicopter and lifeboat he had for his birthday.  It seems someone may be catching the bug that draws all of us to the sea.

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