Sunday, 4 December 2011

Chicken Run

Another wild forecast on the books, Westerly force 4-5, gusts 6-7, 1.5-2m surf, heavy rain.  Rest Bay Porthcawl to The Knap Barry, 20 mile why not?
Hmmm windy but doesn't look that bad from here...
Off to a good start a bit messy, hmmm you sure about this it looks a lot bigger sat on the floor!  Further out waves were braking for some distance.  It was a long way and with Nash passage on the way I wasn't too sure it was a good idea.  Thankfully Taran had the same idea so we chicken out for a re-think.
Llantwit Major , still messy but at least it shortens the trip on very familiar territory.
Up up and away, didn't see this swell from the beach.
Looking up at a wall of brown with Taran perched on top.
Taran about to be picked up by a wave.
Thankfully (or good planning) the wind and swell was going in the right direction so it was surf surf all the way.
A couple of shots of me be Taran.

Aberthaw should be interesting...
I was just about to straighten this picture before I realised looking at the tower it was straight, it's the sea going down hill!
It wasn't as bad as we thought around the tower but some nice big waves to catch in its lea.
Attempting a self portrait.
The recent rock fall at Porthkerry 
No heavy rain but a couple of squally showers.  The sun even makes an appearance. 
We decide to carry on pass the Knap and stop for lunch on the sands of Barry old harbour.
It was then on to Bendricks for a spot of rock hopping.  Quite interesting with the size of the swell.

Into the speed ramps back to Barry harbour for a bit of rolling.

Nice to have a bit of colour in such a dark blog post.  We wait around in the hope that with the turn of the tide the conditions pick up around Nells point.  We play about for a bit with the amusement of a few fishers and the Nells Point Coast Watch Station.  some lovely big waves but it was all getting a bit to cold on my hands so we call it a day.
Some massive waves on the way back, Taran pick out a white almost vertical object at the corner of his eye as I almost pirouette over a steep wave.  My entire boat must have leapt out of the water.  Both absolutely knackared, cold, wet and aching we retire to the Knap after a really adrenaline filled day.  Not before one last  bit of excitement though.  Taran goes into land, over he goes scraping his helmet over the rocks.  I didn't plan on landing on the pebble beach so I go in backwards, legs over the cockpit and jump out.  Perfect until a big dumping wave lands on my boat fills it with water and drags it back out.  Then back in.  Then back out.  My boat and me took an absolute beating.  They really are tougher than they look, only a battered pride thankfully.    


Noel said...

For a while I've been wondering how you get out/in at the knap with a composite boat, now I know. Seriously that looked a big day, the swell looks massive, I guess the missing pictures tell the tale at nells.

Stuart said...

Not like that :) I've managed some good landings since I got that boat. I always thought if you get some bad surf on a rock beach then you can always swim it in if you have to. I guess the idea is not to get your boat filled with water!