Friday, 30 December 2011

Taran's School for Paddling

Me and Taran were supposed to be in Pembrokeshire this weekend but the weather had a different idea...
Instead I joined in with a club paddle down at Sully.
Seven of us in all with all different levels of experience.  I brought my old Easky down for someone to use.  Gareth was looking well happy with his new Delphin.
"My group this way".  Taran takes the lead heading around the far side of Sully Island.
Getting up close and personal.

 We head into St Mary's Bay to land.

A navy ship passes down the channel, possibly the Exploit that rescued me. 
While Taran runs through turning drills with the others me and Jules head of to find some moving water.  We manage to find a petty bit of swell running into the cliffs and a little flow further out, but in all very calm.
I think it's benefiting Taran as much as it is the others.  He's loving the coaching and to be fair doing a really good job.  By the end everyone was doing a full set of turning manoeuvres.  
Jules starts nodding off again!
We finally set off again back down Sully causeway and land on the beach.
Walking on water, fishermen negotiate the shallow causeway to Sully Island.  I make a quick exit when someone mentioned rolling practice.
SULLY SHIP WRECK - I've wondered for a while what is the ship wreck that lays on Sully Beach.  I have vague memories from when I was a kid, walking over the causeway to see the pirate ship wrecked on the island across the sea.  I've done some digging and it seems there is a bit of mystery surrounding this wreck.  It is believed to be a wooden cutter called the Baratanch, click here for further details.  It was owned at the time by George Binding carrying gunpowder when in sunk on 27th March 1916.  The wreck itself is apparently moving in a northerly direction under tidal influences.  

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Taran Tyla said...

PMSL, logged into blogger & saw my name staring at me from the reading list, nice title.

Funniest moment probably when I demonstrated edging & leaning & emphasised trying not to capsize when (SPLASH). I was showing how not to do it, (HONESTLY) ;D