Sunday, 27 November 2011

Knap to Penarth

Taran was back after his couple of months touring the UK so we arranged to go for a paddle today.  Big swells, big tides and big winds.  We were hoping for a bit of rough water between the Knap Barry and Penarth.
We set off a couple of hours before low water against the tide but with a strong wind at our backs.
Out on the water the swell was evident but there wasn't much in the way of rough water.
Approaching Barry Island.
We aimed off toward the far side of Sully Island but soon had to move closer inshore to avoid the countering flow.  We spent much of the next few miles surfing the following sea.
A quick coffee break on the sand bar just off Sully Island.  It was a lovely winters day and I was starting to feel the cold even if it was mild for this time of year.
Back on the water we discussed the possibility of venturing out to Flat Holm just as the forecast came over the radio.  A change and increase in wind direction put us off so we headed out part way to link up the Lavernock Buoys. 
First the Lavernock Outfall.
Then the Ranie.
We then headed over for a surf on an offshore reef near the buoy. 

It was a bit messy with waves coming from all directions in about 3ft of water.
Taran ended his paddle with a few rolls, I didn't fancy the head freeze!
A long carry back to the van just as the sun sets.  A great day out and nice to have my paddling partner back.

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