Saturday, 24 December 2011

Paddling Holm for Christmas

Christmas Eve is upon us and so is our (now) traditional paddle out to Flat Holm.  The forecast wasn't promising again, but our hopes were up.  I met up with Taran and Jules at Penarth waterfront for a paddle over to Flat Holm on the last of the ebbing tide aiming to arrive around mid day.     
A bit of a sticky carry down to the water.
I donned the festive hat and we were ready to go. (Pic by Taran).  Taran being Taran was planning to ride his kayak from the back deck, that lasted less than 30 seconds.
The rain came and went with the strong winds as we made our speedy decent on the island.
Further out in the channel big swells and confused waves made the open crossing interesting. 
Taran getting in the festive mood! Merry Christmas to you as well Taran!
My turn to pull a stupid face (Pic by Taran)
Monkstone light house at the end of a rainbow.
A last minute dash to get around castle rock and we were paddling onto the beach at Flat Holm.
Lunch on Flat Holm.  Jules turn to pull a face, and yet another rainbow.
We take a stroll up to the light house while the tide turns. (Pic by Taran)
Christmas Eve last year on Flat Holm, a much colder day.  A rather wet and windy day in contrast.
A cheesy pose with my Santa hat.
Then it was back on the water for the crossing back.  It was nice and lumpy to start with then flattened right out about mid way.  I mentioned to Taran that this time last year I would have felt uncomfortable in such conditions, what a difference a year makes.  Mind you the boat helps a lot.  (Another two pics by Taran)
We land on the muddy beach with a long carry ahead of us, never something to look forward to after a long paddle.
Another great paddle with good company to celebrate the festive season but hopefully not to finish the year quite just yet.  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!


Taran Tyla said...

Bah Humbug!

scott said...

Hi Stu,

Nice paddle, still a bit out of my comfort zone for now.
Happy New Year