Sunday, 18 December 2011

Cold Feet

Winters finally arrived although nothing near the big freeze from last year.  A coat of frost on the boat this morning and a pair of very cold feet.
I met up with Taran , Peter and Gareth for a gentle paddle out from Sully and toward Penarth with the flood tide.
There was a bit of swell and a chilling wind as we headed out around Sully Island for a play in the race around the tip.
 Pogies were a definite today, my hands feeling the cold.
Peter was feeling a bit on edge with the conditions today.  I never used to feel comfortable in a following sea when I started out either.
Around the island and in the glare of the sun and about three jumpers under my dry suite it was lovely and warm.
The swell into St Mary's Bay provided a great bit of action as it was powering into the cliffs and creating surf as it bounced back.
A few touch and go moments where Taran almost got taken away with the breakers.  I wouldn't mind if I wasn't the one that would have to tow him out.
Back on the move and Peter gets taken by surprise with a side on wave.  You get him Taran I'm busy taking photo's.
It was rather tricky manoeuvring around him in the wind but we managed to get him back in his boat safe and dr..wet. Rather you than me Peter, looks bloody chilly!
We land on the shore for a warm up and snack break after all that excitement.  The rock plateau here looks weird, almost like landscaped paving stones.   
We turn back and have another play up along the cliffs.
 Before venturing back around Sully Island and back into the races.
There were some brilliant waves forming over the causeway providing a great playground for surfing as Gareth demonstrates... 

I head on up to the car park to get myself warm and dry while the others ride a few more waves.
We will are planning to make our Christmas paddle out to Flat Holm on Christmas Eve again so if anyone's feels like joining us let us know.  If not MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Taran Tyla said...

That was quick getting your post up Stu, I logged into blogger dash 19 seconds after you posted it LOL.

Nice pics too ;D