Saturday, 27 March 2010


After a few too many Guinness last night I knocked the idea
of getting up at 6am to go out to Steep Holm on the head.
I didn't know where else to go so I decided to face my fears
and practice my surf skills. These pictures are thanks to
my better half who froze her bits of with the kids on the beach.

First wave, brace let it carry my toward the beach, not so
bad, then it all went tits up and I smacked my head in the
shallow water. Helmet next time!

Beard gone for the summer now.

I didn't go too far out, some of them waves looked pretty
big. Well for me anyway. No so bad going over it's just
getting back.

I was practicing my bracing moves and letting the waves
bring me in rather than surfing. I had a couple of shots
at riding the waves but nothing to big. I bit of backward
surfing as well, dunno how that happened??

That'll do!

Was a really exciting afternoon and I think I'll feel a lot
more confident now going out into the surf. I'll take you
up on that offer Eurion, next time your down Southerndown
give us a shout.

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