Sunday, 21 March 2010

Caving at Ogmore

I joined Mick for a trip down to Ogmore for a short paddle
along the cliffs toward Southerndown. I had only the morning
to spare and with high tide being at 9:18am we headed out
against the current from Newton Bay.

I finally got my new van this week after 3 long months of
trying to work out of my car, so I'd thought I'd show it off!

When I got there Mick was already down on the beach building
his boat.

The water couldn't get much calmer than this! Only a slight
ripple in the water differed it from the sky.

There was a slight swell, but it didn't break before it hit
the cliffs which made it quite safe to get up close. Where
the water was near the roof of some caves the change in
level blew the air out with some amazing force.

As we reached the small rocky outcrop, which I believe to
be known as castle rock in the climbing guide, we couldn't
resist the temptation to paddle between the gap.

On our return trip we went to go through again but had to
make a quick retreat as the tide had uncovered some
underlying rocks.

There was a lot more head room in this cave!

Backing into the cave.
This cave seemed to go on and on. You could here the swell
hitting the back wall but couldn't see that far in.

Back in for one more look.

A pair of lambs stranded up on the cliffs.
We did plan on paying Tusker Rock a visit on our return
trip but time was pressing on and as far as I could see it
wasn't even visible yet.

It was an easy paddle back gliding through what could have
been a lake at a steady 5kts. Great day out, cheers Mick.

I ended the day with a roll to get into practice. I've been
wussing out for ages because it's been so cold not that the
water was bubbling hot today!


Mick said...

Stu, gud pal, I really enjoyed it, the weather was perfect. I'll see you soon again and I'll pick up my speed, too. The roll was cool, mate! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

What about the lambs, did they jump?????