Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Evening at Llantwit Major

With the nights finally getting lighter I took the opportunity
to have a quick paddle at Llantwit Major at high tide after

I made my way toward the caves either side of Tresilian

But once again I was prevented from getting to close!

On my way back I noticed a small red boat towing a small
sailing boat. Probably the life boat from St Donnats college.
Coming the other way was an RNLI life boat from Barry.
I watched them link up a tow line and tow the boat off
toward Barry.

Lets hope this weekend is as good as the last one!

I found this piece in the local paper which gives a bit more
detail about what I saw...well at least I think so, they got
the day wrong if it is.


stoney (Martyn) said...

Stuart, you won't know me, but I'm following your blog, (through Richards) and I' jealous of all you guys who are close to the sea!
Paddling after work - I'm 80 miles from the nearest!
Hope to see you out there at some point, maybe in Pembrokeshire?

Stuart said...

Hi Stoney, I have seen your blog (through Richard also), nice to see you got out the other day considering the distance you have to travel!
I got to get out to Pembrokeshire soon and make a weekend of it. Hope to see you out there.