Saturday, 6 March 2010

Penarth with Mick

I joined Mick today at Penarth to try out his new fold up
kayak on the sea.

I hauled my kayak down the slipway opposite the RLNI station
whilst Mick carried his down in a large bag! He emptied out
what looked like a few wooden crutches and snooker cues
and 20 minutes later he had a kayak. Amazing!

With the ebbing tide now in full flow we didn't want to venture
out to far so headed out against the tide toward Cardiff Bay.

I bought a waterproof camera case on Friday but had a
bit of trouble trying to take pictures through the plastic.
Most of my pictures we smudged due to water on the

On our way back we almost had a close call with the 72ft
Challenge Wales boat, which was coming in to dock at the
barrage. This boat is one of only 12 in the world built to this
design and was originally raced around the world. It is now
owned by the charity and used to give young people the
experience of sailing.

My blurry pictures! We passed under the Pier before landing
back near the slipway. A further 20 minutes later and Micks
Kayak was back in it's bag and in the boot!


Richard said...

Hi Stuart
A real Cockleshell Hero boat amazing though I think I will stick to my composite boat.I carry pieces of rolled up kitchen roll in old camera film pots in the pockets of my buoyancy aid which are great for wiping cameras. Hope this might be useful to you,

Stuart said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll have a play about with it in the pool session tonight. Yes amazing boat, I couldn't beleive it when he took it out of the bag!