Friday, 9 April 2010

St Brides Haven, Pembrokeshire

After doing the fatherly duties in the morning by taking
the kids swimming I left for West Wales just after lunch to
avoid the rush hour traffic. The plan was to head for St Brides
Haven camp the night and head out to Skomer and Skokholm
Islands in the morning. A short two hour drive later and I
unloaded the car and headed out for an afternoon paddle.

The tide was at high water slack so I set off out of the bay
toward Stack Rocks. I didn't want to do anything to strenuous
just a short paddle to get in the mood and wait for the sun to
go down before I pitched the tent. There were a few divers
exploring the reefs of the shallow bay as I made my way out.

I couldn't have asked for better weather the sea was completely
flat and calm. I couldn't believe the colour on the water
so I took a picture...

As I approached the rocks I could see more buoys which I
assumed were more divers. I could see one bobbing about
on the surface. It wasn't until I got closer that I realised it
was a seal.

I made my way around the rock and as I came around a
small outcrop I spotted this seal lounging on a rock unaware
of my presence.

He/she?? seemed to have a bit of fishing rope tangled around his
neck but didn't seem to be causing him any harm as he relaxed
in the dimming sun.

He spotted me but didn't seemed bothered about me being

A couple of oyster catchers (please correct me if I'm wrong).
As soon as you get any closer they fly off! A long lens would
be amazing out here.

Not quite big enough to fit a boat through.

You would be lucky to get a shot of one or two Shags back

On completing my lap around the rocks I headed back to
the mainland to Howney Stone.

I hand railed around the shore line and landed on a small
bay called Musselwick just around the corner from Broad Haven.

Natives were friendly!

Ramsey and St Davids in the distance.

I left Musslewick and retraced my footsteps back along the

Looking back at Stack Rocks from Howney Stone.

The red sandstone cliffs.

The sun was slowly fading as I got back so was time to
get the tent out. A 7.5 nm trip about 14km.
I wasn't to familiar with this stretch of coastline and didn't
know where I could camp, so I pinched this spot from
Richards blog, thanks Richard.
Perfect, curry on the go and a nice cold Beer to end the day.
Can't wait until tomorrow!


Richard said...

Great photos you have captured the camel really well on Stack Rock. Shame about the seal I will ring the Seal Hospital and let them know they might be able to get that rope off. Glad you approved of the campsite.

Richard said...

I phoned the Seal Hospital today and apparently the seal has had the net around him for the last 5 or 6 years. A couple of attempts have been made to free him but to no avail.

Stuart said...

Thanks Richard, I was thinking about the seal hospital when seeing it on one of your posts. He looked comfortable enough anyway, didn't seem to bother him.