Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I met with Elan again for a late afternoon paddle.  It was about an hour after low water and the tide was on the flood.  The forecast was poor, a fair size surf and strong winds.  Elan came to pick me up and we headed to the nearest launch-able beach, Llantwit Major.  There was no point arranging a shuttle with the cars for any decent size trip due to the poor conditions.  So we decided to paddle against the wind and tide west and take it as it comes.
Today Elan was taking out Up&Under's P&H Cetus, available for demo. 
It was very messy, waves breaking left right and centre.  It was obvious from the off that we wouldn't be going far.  We made slow progress toward Nash Point.
Off Nash Point the waves normally break quite far out on a calm day so I had no intentions of rounding the point.  I doubt very much we would have made any progress against the tide anyway.  So we turned back surfing the waves back in toward Llantwit Major.

A group of wind surfers were enjoying the conditions near the landing point, flying past at some speed.

No distance covered but a good session in some rougher water is always good practice.

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