Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Petrel Build #11 - Seal Coat

A seal coat is a layer of epoxy applied to the boat before laying down the fiberglass to limit the absorption of epoxy when wetting out the glass later.  It also adds an extra layer of protection and therefore more weight.  Some people lay a seal coat some don't.  As I am taking my time this layer will protect the wood while it sits about in a dusty cattle shed. 
I first take the hull off the forms to prevent any drips from the deck running down.
I'm using West Systems 205/105 hardener/epoxy as recommended.
The deck was a bit of a nightmare.  I mixed up a small quantity of epoxy, poured it on and spread it about with a squeegee.  The result was a thick gooey mess.  
Practice makes perfect I guess.  For future reference don't use so much epoxy.
However from a distance it doesn't look too bad.
Four sanding disks later and I'm still nowhere near getting a smooth clean finish.
I run out of disks and take the deck off the forms.  I couldn't resist taking this first opportunity to sit between the cockpit.  Quite a special first glimpse of what my build might look like when paddling.  
Hull back on the forms and a quick sand and brush off and it's on with the epoxy.  This time I used a roller and spread the layer very very thinly.  It's looks lovely and really brings out the colour of the wood.
Hopefully once the hull has set it wont need much sanding unlike the deck which is going to take some time.
Next stage fiberglassing...cant wait!

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