Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Holms

Today I was meeting Taran and Marcus at Sully for a paddle out to Steep Holm on to Flat Holm and back. 
Marcus actually emailed me quite a while back, maybe a year or longer, to join us for a paddle.  He hadn't paddled since last September so I think he was a bit reluctant to paddle today.  But we managed to persuade him to dusted off the cobwebs from inside his boat.
Out on the channel the wind on tide made for a little bumpy ride over.  We were following Taran today who had worked out vectors to follow to practice for his 5 star assessment next week.
It was quite chilly with the wind over our shoulder, my hands went numb in no time, and I was hoping to wear only a t-shirt today.
We took ride around rudder rock on the south and paddle around the back of the island to land on the beach to the north of Steep Holm.  Only a quick stop and we were off on our way to Flat Holm.
I jump on Tarans Etain for a quick go over to Flat Holm.  Leaving Steep Holm we noticed a very large ship heading our direction at quite a rate of knots.
Thankfully it passed in front of us beyond the green starboard buoy between the two islands.

Within no time we were approaching Flat Holm.

 Not without a quick stop at the cave.

We took a quick trek up to the lighthouse.
The seagulls are back in their numbers, not quite up to their feisty selves yet though.
Flat Holm sheep with Penarth Peir and Cardiffs' Millennium Stadium in the background.

Back on the water we were hoping the conditions would flatten out a bit with the turn of the tide but they were pretty much the same, to Marcus's delight...
We take a detour around Sully Island for a spot of gentle rock-hoping.
Typically the sun comes out and the sea looks to flatten off as we land back at our start point.  Another great day out to the Holms and great to finally meet up with Marcus.


Scott said...

Hi Stu,
Like the new look of blog! Hope your well.

Stuart said...

Thanks Scott, yep all good. When we likely to see you on the water again?

Scott said...

Hopefully very soon Stu. Just been too busy to be honest. Been moving house so no spare weekends. Following Taran and yourself with interest and envy!! See you soon.