Friday, 20 April 2012


A few days off work beckoned.  I joined the family mid week who were already at Fishguard, West Wales. 
On arrival I shot up the road to Strumble Head to check out the conditions.  The race in the background of this picture was very impressive.  A strong northerly wind and big swells I was mesmerized at it's power and so glad I wasn't down there.
I followed the coastal path for a few miles to take in the fantastic scenery.
This was only my second time to Stumble Head.  The last time was a couple of weeks ago down on the water.

I was tempted to wait around for the 'twilight' pictures but promised I'd be back for the kids club at the holiday park.
After a day spent with the kids in the rain the sun finally made an appearance late afternoon.  We all went down to Pwllgwaelod and while the kids paddled in the shallows I had a play in the waves.
Further out the swells were fairly massive and with the onshore wind made for some intimidating water.  I caught a few good waves then made my way back to Fishguard.
As this was the only full day I was here I stopped off at Fishguard Old harbor for a quick paddle in the last of the light.  Again further out in open waters the swell and wind made for some choppy water.   
I did a little rock hopping between the sets...

And a little exploring.
Then just took in the fantastic views.
Friday and my short stay comes to an end.  The rest of the family head home early but I wasn't in a rush.  So me and my little boy Zakk headed back up to Strumble Head for a walk along the coast path.
Strumble light house.

 Zakk taking the awkward way over every gate.
We got out the rug and Zakk had a play with his toys while I sat back and took in the stunning scenery.  Not much paddling but who cares I had a great time.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Great photos and trip Stuart :o)

Stuart said...

Thanks Douglas, had a lovely break off work. Think I might have to make it a habit again this year to get out to the west of the country more often.

51˚N Seakayaking said...

Brilliant shots Stu, Strumble looks an amazing place. Hope you are well.