Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Connors First Paddle

Up & Under were hosting another demo evening down on the river.  I dragged Hannah along with me again and this time Connor fancied a go.
I grabbed another chance to have a go in the Valley Etain while Connor went off with one of the staff members in a sit on top.  By the time I got my boat in the water he was out again.  He was absolutely terrified!  So I left him on the pontoon while I had a little paddle on my own.
 Mum arrived and finally coaxed Connor into getting in a boat with me.  He was a bit nervous to start off but then I couldn't get him out of the thing.
 I then finally coaxed Hannah into getting in with Connor while I mean while jumped in a P&H Scorpio.  I can almost see those family kayak trips in the future.
I've read that the Scorpio is the best plastic boat on the market and it definitely seems popular.  I can see why, it was fast and turned beautifully.  Big on the edge and a hard sweep stroke and I was around 180 degrees.  More slim line than the Etain and not quite as much stability in the edge.  Being fussy the day hatch seemed a long reach and the knee pads were in the wrong place.
 Some how I managed to get Connor in on his own he was terrified.  I got him to rock side to side to show him how stable it was.  In no time he was smiling and paddling off in circles.
 Look at the concentration in that face.  That's the look of 'why wont this thing go in a straight line'!!
 Oh ye I was back in an Easky, which felt as stable as a plank of wood.
The Etain was free again even if it had no foot rests now, they were stolen to put in another boat that didn't have any.  A couple of rolls for the camera and it was time to get Connor out.  Easier said than done, I think my wallets in trouble now.
There is a reason I have been trying all these boats recently.  I took the very hard and painful decision to sell this...
It's gone one source of freedom to replace another.  Depending on which way the bank sway I'm either getting a glass or plastic boat.  I have enough for a plastic but with the boat building project on the go I simply can't afford both.  Either way I've decide on the Valley Etain.  All the other boats I tried had some very good points but the Etain seemed to have everything.  I just loved the way it gave me so much confidence on the edge and in the turns.  It's also an expedition kayak and as my Petrel is going to be somewhat of a smaller volume boat I will have a good mix.  Cant wait!!!


Taran Tyla said...

Don't ya find it strange how all that high tech, precision engineering,(admittedly second hand) costs about the same as a plastic tube???

Stuart said...

That's exactly what I said. Doesn't make sense does it. Although I have to say I get a lot more out of my plastic tube than all that engineering.

Taran Tyla said...

Quote - Although I have to say I get a lot more out of my plastic tube than all that engineering.

You must ride like a girl then ;D

stoney (Martyn) said...

You can go flat out all day long in your plastic tube also, without the worry of speed cameras!
New boats all around then, going either today or tommorow for mine - lets hope for some suitable weather now then.