Sunday, 22 May 2011

Welsh Kayak Show 2011

We kicked of today aboard the Bay Island Voyages rib as a surprise birthday treat for my brother-in-law.  I've wanted to have a go on these for a while after seeing them so many times out in the channel.
There was a bit of a southerly wind today which made for a bumpy trip out to the Ranie buoy.  The tide was ebbing quite nicely.
Then it was back towards Penarth for some fast turns and doughnuts.

Well worth 20 bucks

Next was off to Cardiff Marine Village for the Welsh Kayak Show.
One boat I was looking forward to demo was the new Valley Etain.  Both the Composite boats were out on the water so I settled for a go in the plastic version.  Got to be honest I wasn't massively impressed.  Nice boat, turned quite nicely but seemed heavy and a bit sluggish.
Next I managed to twist Hannah's arm and get here out on the water in a double Dagger Blackwater Tandem.  First time in a doubler, a big heavy almost canoe type boat.  It was a good laugh although don't think I'll be getting one.
Next I got Hannah into a sit on top, white trousers and a sit on top don't make a good combination!  She was doing really well and really enjoying it.  May get here out on the sea yet.
I grabbed a Wilderness Tempest 170.  I thinks it's a great looking boat, nice snug cockpit makes you feel a part of the boat.  A little difficult getting in and out even for my small butt.  Edged beautifully although I didn't think the secondary stability was as good as the Etain.  Very light, fast and tracked well.  Very easy to roll, I was almost caught out nearly going back over for another try.
Elan for Up&Under persuaded me to get back in a glass Etain which I'm glad I did.  It was much better.  Heavier than the Tempest but a great secondary stability.  Edged like a dream, easily getting my skirt and cag in the water.  A great confidence booster.  Still didn't feel as fast as the Tempest but it is aimed at being an expedition boat and is much heavier.
The cockpit is much bigger than the Tempest which makes getting in and out easier but personally I prefer the smaller cockpit.  I think the little day pod on the front seems like a good idea but to me is a waste of space.  There's hardly enough room to fit more than a camera and a chocolate bar in there and I can see it flying off with the first bit of surf landing on your deck.  I prefer a deck bag myself.  Again very easy and fast to roll.  I could happily see myself owning one should I win the lottery in the near future.

One of the best days out I've had in ages, must congratulate Up&Under on another well organised event.  My finger didn't look to good after today's paddling and don't think I'll be out doing much paddling for a little while longer.  As for the boat build I have to wait a couple of weeks while the company I'm ordering the strips from to come back off annual leave.  This also gives me the chance to get back doing some work and earn some more bucks to pay for it.


Tyla Images said...

Looked like fun, might have had a go if Rockpool were there? or Tahe Marine, really fancy the Greenland T...

Stuart said...

Those two boats were gorgeous, at least when compared to my piece of... Tempted to sell my boat and my motorbike to fund one.

I quite fancy a go in the Greenland T, although it doesn't look a million miles away from the shape of the Petrel I'm building. Square chine on deck, low back, low volume and pointed lines. Oh to be rich, I'd have a boat for every day of the week!

Tyla Images said...

Nice roll by the way, would of been hilarious if you fluffed it :)

Tyla Images said...

Just noticed I'm logged into my photography blog (WHOOPS). Taran...

Stuart said...

They were so easy to roll. I nearly fluffed one by the pontoon, I sliced my blade, I was underwater thinking bugger don't fluff it now!

tompark194 said...

Nice Stuff!! Been following your blog for a while now.... Shame you were injured and couldn't make the Rhoose race the other week. My track from the race is here if you like: