Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Perfect Hang-Over Cure

This weekend I was up north in Liverpool for my friend's stag weekend and like many obsessed kayakers I was on the lookout for a paddling opportunity.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess what was on the back of my t-shirt...they later wished they had put 'Uncle Albert' from Only Fools and Horses.
After two days on the booze it was going to take more than a fatty cooked breakfast to cure my hangover.  Mike had very kindly offered to let me take his Tootega out and join him and a few other from Liverpool Canoe Club for a paddle around the marina.
After 5 hours sleep and a sharp coffee I managed to get myself up and down the marina for 10am.  Mike built this boat from cedar strips and is absolutely stunning.  Making me get rather excited about my build. 
My first impressions was how the feel of the boat was no different to a composite boat if not better.  It felt very strong, ridged and safe (apparently it is more rigged than Mikes Rockpool) and a very smooth finish.      
 For me it handled really well, turning with little effort.  Although after looking at the photo's it seems my skinny little butt may have had an effect as the boat is too high in the water and the stern is out of the water.  It was fast and edged well too.
The rain didn't manage to stay off as we had a good soaking on the way back. 
 I met my friends back at Albert Docks for a quick bite to eat before our long trek home.  It was like tall ship heaven here I just wished I had made the effort to come down earlier in the holiday.  What a perfect way to end a great weekend.  Thanks Mike. 

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Taran Tyla said...

Nice boat, if yours looks anything like that I'm gonna have to pull out all the stops on Project Nordkapp...