Tuesday, 10 May 2011

No Paddling For A While

This is the outcome when you stick your finger into a running hedge trimmer.  Perfect slice from the tip down to about the first knuckle right through, just missing the bone but through the nail and nail bed.  There are more gory photo's but you'll have to wait until I work out a way to get them off my wife's phone.  My nail has been removed and my finger stitched back together and bandaged up for a few weeks.  What you could call an occupational hazard.  What bugs me more is I can't get out to the Welsh Kayak Show in a couple of weeks and as I'm off work I need to look after my money, which means my boat build is on hold to.  Joy! Could have been worse I suppose.


Richard said...

Commiserations to you, it never rains but it pours!
Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Scott said...

Sorry to hear that Stu, it looks nasty!!
After meeting you a few weeks back prior to your Flat Holm paddle with Taran I was hoping for a trip out with you soon.
Hopefully it will recover quickly and you can get back out there. Hope to paddle with you and Taran soon. Take care. Scott

soundoftheseagull said...

Ouch! Quick recovery....fingers crossed sorry about that one

Taran Tyla said...

Fingers crossed (PMSL), naughty seagull.

Get well soon dude :)

stoney (Martyn) said...

Oh dear, I hope that heals quickly, I need people to keep posting - inspiration.
Mind you, can't stop thinking about the new kayak.

Stuart said...

Cheers guys, not as bad as it sounds although the pictures still go through me. Back to the hospital Friday to check my finger hasn't gone green and fallen off then I'm hoping the stitches will be out next week. Apparently fingers heal quick because of the high blood circulation in the hands. Fingers crossed anyway :) good one that.

Same here Mart hence my new post.