Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Petrel Build #1 - Idea in the Making

I have decided to start a new project, building a cedar strip kayak.  I toyed with the idea of building a kayak at first but as I have learned more about the building process I have become more enthused to build one.  I know it not everyone's cup of tea, it wasn't really mine at first, but after seeing some great builds such as Auld Blug's Sedna to name just one, which has the look of a modern composite boat but made with beautiful cedar wood, I decided to give it a go.  The idea of turning a pile of wood and glue into a beautiful boat and imagining the places it will take me is quite exciting. 

This is the Petrel designed by Nick Schade founder of Guillimot Kayaks in the USA.   It was designed as a responsive, light weight boat suitable for day trips in rough water but also at home in sheltered coves and estuaries.  It is a 17ft boat which does suite the smaller paddler (ideal).  It is a lively boat which accelerates quickly, carves down wave faces and maneuvers easily.
It does mention that it does not have the capacity for extended trips yet it is bigger than my boat and lets face it how many multi day trips have I done.  I'm sure it will be fine for the long weekends.  I am going to build mine with all the modern bits and pieces such as rubber hatches, skeg, foam seats carbon fiber rims etc.. unlike the purist wooden form seen in these pictures.  It should resemble something like Aluns Sedna although different design. 
I am in no rush, I will buy the parts along the way an hopefully have it in the water by the time I go up to Skye in September.  I am currently in the process of drawing out the forms (backbone to which the strips are laid).  Only one major set back so far, I don't have a place to build it.  Most garages I've been able to acquire are roughly 15ft long! I'm making some enquires but if anyone local knows of anywhere please let me know.  I will add a new tab at the top of my blog if anyone is interested in following my 'slow' progress.


stoney (Martyn) said...

Well matey, your going to have to have the patience of a Saint! Just watched some of the 'how to' videos on your links above.
Hope you find a suitable workshop soon!

Stuart said...

I ain't got patience and I don't know where I'll find the time either. I'm going to set up a temporary workshop in my back garden now, one of those car shelter gazebos should do the job. Whats happening with you and a boat now?

stoney (Martyn) said...

I'm taking a Tahe Marine Reval Mini to Angelsey on demo this friday/Saturday. Its top of my wish list of potential boats. I hope I like it and it works for me, but then I shall have to wait to get the money together :(
I'll do a review on my blog when I'm back