Monday, 21 March 2011

Cardiff Bay By Night

Elan from Up-&-Under invited me to meet up with a few others for a paddle down Cardiff Bay Monday evening, I've been meaning to join them for a while.  We paddled out from the shop, down the River Ely and out into the bay.  I struggled to keep pace alongside the P&H Capella and Elan's finely tuned paddle stroke.  Out in the Bay it was stunning, lights shinning brightly in the darkness, bats flying overhead.  We did a lap of the bay before making our way back up the Ely.  Here are the best of the photo's I took, not much good.  They either came out almost completely black or with the increased exposure blurred, some good effects with the lights though.  Cheers guys really enjoyable night.


stoney (Martyn) said...

I like night paddles, even more solitude, even less interuption from surroundings - peacefull

soundoftheseagull said...

Some great photos must get down South this year Mum lives in Port Talbot so there's an excuse