Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Short Trip Home

After last weekends eventful misfortune I thought it would be best to keep a low profile this weekend.  Also it was a big spring tide with low water smack bang in the middle of the day and didn't really fancy the long carry or same old trip to Porthcawl and back.  Pity because it's been a glorious weekend.
We took the boys down to the beach late afternoon an hour before high tide.  I took my boat along so I could take the short paddle home, hopefully catch a good sunset or maybe a shot of the "supper moon" (moon is supposed to be much closer to earth this weekend, hence the big tides).
The Jurassic Limestone cliffs of the Glamorgan coast were highlighted by the low afternoon sun.
I traced the yellow cliffs bleeding off into the distance leading me home.  There was a slight swell but the sea was lovely and calm.
This looks like a fairly fresh fall, the sediments of limestone still stacked in place.  It won't be long before the sea breaks them up.
The horizontal sediments slope off drasticly then settle flat again.  There's not much beach left now.
Looking back the sun is dipping down behind a low band of cloud above the horizon, no chance of a sun set then!
Light is fading fast by the time I reach Aberthaw Power Station.
The end of a nice short gentle trip to feed my appetite this weekend.  I phone the wife to pick me up and tell her I'm in another life boat..he-he. 

A paddle around Cardiff Bay Monday night then probably another local trip next weekend.  I'm Hoping to get out west the following week, get in a trip around Skomer Island for the arrival of the first migratory birds.


stoney (Martyn) said...

Well done matey!
Nothing better than getting straight back in and getting over the past.
Can't believe how much paddling your getting in this year, keep it up!

Stuart said...

Cheers, wanted to get back out to Flat Holm and finish the job but had the kids to entertain. Sick of paddling same old trips. Work has picked up more now so should be able to afford the petrol to get back out west and do some proper trips.