Saturday, 17 April 2010

Volcanic Sunset

I set out from Gileston beach next to Aberthaw power station
to see if I could get some snaps of the sun setting. With all this
volcanic matter floating about in the atmosphere it's supposed to
be really vivid. Well it doesn't happen to often to went to see
what all the fuss was about.

It was really calm waters and was spot on high tide so launching
wasn't a problem. I headed out for a spit of land just by the
water outlets of the power station which were now submerged
in the spring tides. This caused some very strange water with
little whirlpools which turned my boat slightly as I went over them.
As I got closer to the cassion I could see I was getting pushed
eastward . You could here the water gushing around the cassion
at some pace. Even though it was spring tides I didn't expect
to be putting up a fight at slack water!

Not getting anywhere fast I decided to ferry glide back toward
the beach, the water kicking up a bit again over the water
outlets. There were a few oystercatchers scourging in the
mud along the spit in the dimming light but as usual fly off
before I can get the camera out.
You could clearly see the eddy line from the moving water
to the motionless water in the shelter of the bay.
As the sun started to set you could see a definite dirty orange
looking line across the horizon. A few scattered light clouds
in the sky now to pick up the colours would make these pictures

The sky turned a very vivid orange and made everything
in the foreground really stand out.
What a stunning evening!

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