Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Welcome Holm Taran

A last minute random trip to Flat Holm in stupid conditions can only mean one thing...Taran's back.  After all wasn't up to much sat at home fed up with the weather and not getting any work done. 
We launch from the usual spot, seems sully beach is getting a face lift.  Easterly force 4 was the forecast.  With a westerly flow it was likely to get messy.  Flat Holm barely stood out on the horizon in the poor conditions.
Out on the water I had my doubts as it got a little bit interesting.

It seemed to flatten off a bit past the Wolves but did it's usual spikey thing on the eastern side of the island.  We arrived unscathed on the beach just as a boat was departing.  Taran must have thought it was cold quickly putting on a coat hat and gloves, you would swear he had just spent the last couple of months in Sardinia or something.
We go for a wonder up on the island.  I've been looking out for this after seeing it on a documentary.  I think it's the prehistoric beach, looks like it.
 A huge ship steams down the channel.
 Soay sheep on Flat Holm, weirdly at the time I thought they looked similar to the sheep on Soay, Skye.
 Two Badger Face sheep.  Not helping the Welsh man stereotype am I.
Not looking very inviting.
Through castle rock and we make a speedy return in considerably calmer conditions now the tide has turned.
That doesn't stop it getting a little interesting around Sully's tip.

Great to be back on the water with Taran, I feel the paddles are going to get a little crazy again.

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Taran Tyla said...

Catchy Title Stu & I'm sure those sheep are glad we've left the Island ;D