Saturday 6 October 2012

Summers Arrives At Flat Holm

Today I was amongst new faces.  I would be meeting up with James, Steve and Chris.  I've know of James for quite some time so it was nice to actually get on the water with him at last.  Steve and Chris are new to kayaking.  Both have been on a beginner course with Mike Mayberry but today really marked their first trip.
With a fantastic forecast, NE force 2, we pencilled in Flat Holm as a potential trip.  We meet up at Sully a couple of hours before high water and James gave the newbies a crash course in breaking in and out of the flow running over Sully Island causeway.  This was as likely as 'rough' as it was going to get so we set off.  
Explaining transits and ferry gliding along the way we make steady progress into blues sky's and a blinding sun...makes a change.
Steve above in his new Scorpio, first time paddled this boat.
And Chris in his new Easky.
We bumped into Hywel and Rob in the car park and they caught up with us by the time we reached the island.

Rob and his blue Capella.
We make our way around the island past the usual landmarks.

We land next to the slipway, a real mix of boats today.
We take our lunch up by the lighthouse and admire the stunning view, very clear today.  Last time I was stood here with weather like this it was back in February with Eurion, Mike and Steve.
Blue sky's!!
A ferry makes it's way down the channel.
A resident sheep grazes above the fast flowing currents of the Severn.
Back on the slipway and we point out the fast stream flowing through castle rock to Steve and Chris..."what we paddle through there!"
Here comes Steve!
Just a lot of fast moving water today.
For the purpose of Chris and Steve to show that it isn't always that nice through there.  From our trip in May.
Out of the flow of the island and it's glassy seas, it doesn't get any better than this.  I couldn't take enough photo's....Steve above, a new member to the tilly hat crew.
All the gang.
Jim powering on...

Chris with Barry and Aberthaw power station behind and a cargo ship.
Hywel, Chris, Steve and Jim.
We let the stream take us off course slightly to show Chris and Steve the effects of the tide at Wolves Buoy.

We carry on with the tide taking quite a hold on course.
But we finally made it to the red cliffs of Sully to the relief of the newbies.
Chris with Sully in the back.
2 hours exact paddling time or an hour each way over 7.2 nautical miles/13.3km.  Once again a great trip with great company  hopefully more trips like that to come... I hope I got everyone's names right :-)

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