Sunday, 24 June 2012

More Surf Fun

It's hardly been great weather lately for kayaking so I joined up with Taran and Gareth again at Aberavon for another thrashing.  
I think force 6 was forecast across the beach and about 5ft surf at 8 sec intervals.  At least the sun was out.
Not as messy as our last visit and we all managed to paddle out through the breakers for a clean run back in.
Still far from clean however.

I took a swim and another couple of rolls so took a time out to clear the salt water from my head.  My dry suite had filled with water probably from the neck seal and was slowly filling up from the feet.

Gareth took a swim and if you got good eyesight I don't think Taran is attached to his boat either in the left of the picture....
Nope I was right.
Time it wrong and your likely to get and absolute beating heading back out.
Taran makes a few more clean runs while me and Gareth decide to call it a day.

Back to the cafe for a coffee on Taran.

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