Sunday, 3 June 2012

Bank Holiday Surfing

A surf session at Aberavon beach was planned for toady due to a poor forecast over the next few days.  On arrival strong winds, rain and messy surf conditions drowned our hopes somewhat but we didn't come all this way just for a walk on the beach.  Apart from a lone lifeguard van patrolling the beach the place was deserted.  The coastguard peering out of their warm lookout somewhat amused by our intentions. 
I left my kayak on the van and we dragged Taran and Jules plastic Etain and Delphin down to the surf.  Each taking it in turn to take pictures and video.  Here's my pictures from my camera, a video to follow shortly.
Beyond the shallows the wave were intimidatingly large, 7.5ft forecast, and with only a short 6-7 sec gap it was a challenge to turn the kayak around to surf.

More often than not the surfing was done backwards, usually ending up the wrong way up.

I wouldn't really call it surfing but good bit of rough water practice and rolling in choppy conditions.  We finish the day off with a warm coffee in the warmth of the beach coffee shop.

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