Sunday, 18 March 2012

Petrel Build #9 - Cockpit Recess

After a long break in the build over the winter the materials have arrived for the next stage of the process...

The Petrel's cockpit is recessed to give it a lower profile, which makers Eskimo rolls easier.  The forms are temporally glued to the boat and cockpit area is cut. 
The recess is made of two pieces assembled using stitch and glue techniques.  The recess back lowers the cockpit below the level of the deck.  I made the recess out of 3mm marine ply wood.
I then brushed on some epoxy resin and sanded to finish.
The finished recess...
The recess and the deck are then chiseled, planed and sanded to get a neat fit.
The recess is then glued into place ready for the next stage.
I will be sanding and filling this week and hopefully laying on the glass and epoxy over the next week or two.

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