Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Freezing Fog

As I watch my business fall to its knees due to the 'big freeze' I decide to go for a paddle to remind me there's more to life than work and money. I leave a sunny clear St Athan for Sully to paddle my worries away.
Unfortunately the closer I got the Barry the thicker the fog got. Sully Island wasn't even visible from the car park. What the hell, I'm here now.

It was showing -5*c on the van thermometer, wind force 3 on the forecast and zero visibility. I hand railed the shore line so not to get lost in the thick fog.
Up ahead Hayes Point slowly came through into view.

Reaching Bendrick Rocks it got a little choppy. Nothing really but when you can't see much in front off you it's a little daunting not knowing whats to come.

Around Bendrick Rocks and Barry Dock light house now coming through the fog.

It was now reaching the turn of the tide and it's getting bloody cold so I think I'll turn around.

I stop off for a quick chat with Craig off the Barry Pilot Boat before heading back. I think "your mad" were the words he used.
Out of the docks and into a freezing northeasterly wind but at least it cleared the fog a little.

Sully Island now coming into view and the wind getting stronger. My camel pack had completely frozen up and I could feel the tears running down my cheek instantly freeze. Even the salt water splashes on my buoyancy aid started to frost over.

Low water spring tides equals extremely long carry back to the van!

The water frozen in my hose! Not a huge paddle only 5.5 nautical miles but it put a smile on my face none the less, even if it is frozen on.


stoney (Martyn) said...

Your Mad!
I know what your feeling with the business thing, I'mm the same here, although with 18" of snow last week, I can still only just get off our street!
I am even having to consider selling the kayak to raise some funds - it'll be a sad day if it comes to it.

Stuart said...

Hard times, let's hope it doesn't last too long. Don't sell the kayak though. There's two things in my life that remind me there's more to life than money and put a smile on my face, family and getting out on the sea. Although I must admit some days I could be tempted to sell the kids if the price was right :)

stoney (Martyn) said...

Was going to see if you wanted to buy it actually! But probably not by the sound of things. It won't go on forever (hopes)and yes, I totally agree, family and the sea, infact....
Do you want to buy 2 kids???

Stuart said...

Thanks would love a new boat but I'll have to keep dreaming for a little while longer. The joys of self employment!
I mean it don't sell the boat, I want to see a new post off you soon saying how glad you are you didn't sell it!

stoney (Martyn) said...

Well theres a challenge!
Thanks for the encourage ment, things have changed for the better sib=nce the last post, and I have secured a part time job, so can still run business rest of week.
Will make the effort to get somewhere, and still hoping to get to Pembrokeshire at New Year

Taran Tyla said...

I was going to paddle Tuesday too as I had an itch to scratch, But when I got to Penarth I could barely see the Sea from the prom so decided against it.
Your Mad (LOL)...