Saturday, 11 December 2010

A Day at the Races

Another early start on a promising winters morning. The temperature was a lot milder today at 4*C and a forecast of 3 to 4.
Leaving St Athan the sky was blood red on the horizon, I raced down the Sully in an attempt to catch it before it faded.
The plan today, Steep Holm on the last of the flood tide then up to Flat Holm before taking the tide back to Sully. Taran suggested the paddle today.

Checking the charts I wasn't sure if it was possible, it was a pretty steep ferry angle but we thought we would give it a go.

Sully sound was flowing well but we managed to power our way to the south of the island and paddle up around the back to make best use of the race.
A bit blurred but you can just make out taran amongst the washing machine waves!
We hoped out into an eddy before rejoining the race taking us just short of Llavernock Spit Buoy.

This was the last we would see of the sun today as it disappeared up into a band of thick cloud.

Somehow we managed to reach the tip of Steepholm. The current was racing well around rudder rock.

We landed on what remained of the beach under the Inn on Steep Holm for a very short break.
Do not try this in a glass boat!
Leaving Steep Holm it was a race against time to get to Flat Holm. The tide had already turned about half hour before we got to Flat Holm making progress slow. Another race was flowing around the top of the island but we managed to eddy our way around to the beach.
We stopped for lunch to allow the tide to pick up speed through the arch next to the slipway.
We played about for a bit before hopping on the race taking us rapidly to the bottom of the island. It was a speedy ride back to Sully and another sharp ferry glide. We picked up yet another race/overfall just past Lavernock Spit Buoy.

The flow in the sound was non existent and we floated for a bit in silence. It was back to the vans for some tea and biscuits to celebrate another great day out.


eurion said...

A great start to the day Stuart.

Stuart said...

Can't beat a winters sunrise! Shame the rest of the day was a bit dull.