Thursday, 23 September 2010

Steep Holm with Company 18/09/10

After paddling to Flat Holm in his wedding dress Taran fancied a trip out to Steep Holm. I met him on a perfect sunny morning at Penarth a couple of hours before low water.
Before we knew it we were past Flat Holm and crossing the shipping lane toward Steep Holm. There was a slight breeze and a following sea to push us along.

Landing on the beach on the north end of the island we headed up to the steps.

We climbed the long path zigzagging up the cliff to the top of the island for some superb views over the channel.

We followed the track along the west side of the island to a set of steeps leading down the steep cliff to the old WW2 look out post. We couldn't make it all the way down it was too overgrown.

Admiring the view we noticed what we can only think to be a seal with an eel. This is on full zoom from the cliff plus zoomed in off the computer so the quality isn't great.

Carrying on anti-clockwise around the island we come across this old anti aircraft gun complete with rounds!

Further along there is more evidence of Steep Holms military past. Having spent over an hour on the island we got a little worried how far the tide had come in down at the beach.

Rudder Rock on the south of Steep Holm
Back in our boats thankfully we headed around the island.

Looking up to the watch post where we were earlier

Taran was having a little trouble with the crosswind having to constantly edge and paddle on one side. His rudder was stuck down with a cable tie.

Nice to have a picture with me in it, courtesy of Taran.

Just out into the flow from Flat Holm we were on a head on collision with the Challenge Wales boat (this isn't the first time it's crossed my path out here). We held back and let it slowly sail past with a friendly wave.

Boat envy

We pass another tall ship just raising sail as it leaves Cardiff dock.

We finally land back at Penarth beach after what seemed like an eternity. A perfect day with good company.

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