Saturday, 25 September 2010

Nash Sand Bar

Inspired by the trip done by Richard, Adrian, Eurion and Jim back in February I have wanted to get out to the Nash sand bar for ages. I have paddled up through the passage plenty of time but never landed on the sands. With one sole aim I launched from Llantwit beach near low tide.
Within no time I was rounding Nash Point lighthouse. The wind and tide picked up around this headland as it usually does.

Looking out to the bar I could see some impressive waves lapping up where it should be but couldn't see any sight of the sand. I landed my boat at Nash Point (something I've also never done) and took a short walk up the cliffs for a better view.

It was just a small slither of sand, a bit less than I had hopped for but at least this side seemed sheltered from the surf.

Within moments of leaving the beach I landed on the very steep sloping bar. What a weird feeling. It wasn't very big a present, at low tide spring I thought it would have been bigger??

The surf was pretty impressive on the exposed side and within minutes of landing I was running for my boat. The same way an unexpected wave fills your wellies when your a child trying to dodge the waves, a big one came in swept past my feet, up over the bar and down the other side slowly taking my boat and paddle with it.

Luckily I grabbed the toggle and the water drained off the sand again. I jumped in and mad a dash for it before the next one came in. I paddled through the choppy waters of the race with some huge waves, gutted I didn't put my tripod and camera on my day hatch.

Carrying on toward Southerndown I didn't seem to be going anywhere. I stopped off at this bay for some lunch and for the first time this summer I was cold, Autumn's on it way.

Achieving my sole goal for today I turned back for Llantwit with the flooding tide.

Rounding Nash Point just past St Donnats Castle there was some huge swell coming in. Only about 2 sets every 5 mins or so but they seemed to travel straight up the channel rather than toward the beach.
Reaching Llantwit beach there were a lot of surfers enjoying the effects of this swell.

Unable to land where I launched from earlier I paddled out around the point and landed on the north beach.

I had a fair trek back to the car park. Only a short paddle but achieving another goal.

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