Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Whitesands Bay 15/08/10

After much discussion we decided to simply take a paddle out from Whitesands at the camp site and paddle around the bay. With another strong northerly wind our options were again limited. The tide was now flowing at full pace through Ramsey sound at spring tides so there was no chance of getting through. There was only four of us today, just a quick morning paddle before heading home.

We paddled south toward the top of Ramsey Sound before paddling back to the small rocks of carreg-gafeilliog.

There was a small race just between the rocks.

A bit further out from the rocks the tide was whipping up some massive waves as the water rushed out from the sound into the oncoming wind.

We had a little play with the small standing waves before paddling across the bay toward St David's Head.

Paddling into the wind we rarely got above 1.5 to 2kts but with a bit of a following swell we made headway.

Landing at the stunning secluded beach of Porthmelgan we stop for a stretch.

I have previously noted this bay as a possible camp site on my map and I think I will definitely do that one day.

Paddling out from the bay we head back around toward Whitesands beach taking in some impressive caves on the way.

Unfortunately my camera battery died here but probably for the best, I get a bit trigger happy sometimes. We went into one cave only just wide enough to get a kayak in, but it went back miles. We slowly paddled in until it was too dark to see any more and we still didn't reach the end! Will have to come back with a torch.

Only a short trip to finish off the weekend before traveling home. A nice weekend in all, cheers everyone. Next the isle of Skye...

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