Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Blue Lagoon 14/08/10

After pitching the tent back at Whitesands we headed on up to Abereiddy to catch the last hour of sunlight. The rest of the group donned their wet suites for a bit of coast steering. I opted for a dry paddle and meet them in the Blue Lagoon.

The sun was just dipping down behind the headland when I got to the entrance of the lagoon.

The entrance is marked by the old quarry buildings. The Blue Lagoon is an old slate quarry which has been opened up and allowed to flood. It gets it's name from the algae that grows here. During the lighter hours it appears more blue than when I arrived.

I land on the slate beach at the far end of the lagoon and scale the cliffs to watch the others making their way around the cliff.

I then paddled across the lagoon and hauled my boat up on the rock to explore the remains of the quarry buildings. There is no gentle slope in to the sea here it just goes straight down, which made it a bit of a challenge getting in and out of my boat.

Stuart decides to launch himself off what would be the high jump but as the tide is so high it wasn't a big as it should be.

In this video I paddle back out of the entrance to the lagoon and land at Abereiddy bay. I managed to avoid going over as the surf turned my boat before landing on the rocks. I folded my camera down at the end in the fear of turning my boat over on the rocks.

Back at the car the sun disappears behind the horizon and the moon comes up glowing bright orange (photo of the moon wasn't very good). It was then back to the camp site for a couple of beers and cremated chicken breasts and marshmallows on the BBQ.

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