Sunday, 20 December 2009

Wasted Jouney

I had the day off work so made my way down to Swansea.
The water from the pool session on Wednesday was frozen
in my hatches and the cover was coated in a thin layer of snow.
It was absolutely boltic!

I parked up near the Mumbles aiming to make my way
Westward with the ebb. Paid £4 parking loaded my kayak
and hopped over the sand dunes to be welcomed by a very
wind swept beach. I battled my way down to the shore
walking at an almost 45 degree angle. Not even half way there
I could see there was no chance I was getting in. I couldn't keep
the boat straight on land yet alone in the water.

Not to completely waste the journey I made my way around
the headland to Langland bay which seemed far more settled.
Plus I was able to use the same parking ticket, bargain!

Paddling just out from the bay the wind gust around the
headland making it almost impossible to paddle in the
direction I wanted to go. So I stayed in the shelter of the
bay and had a play about with the surf around the small
rocky island just off the beach.

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