Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Tusker Rock 14/10/09

Almost at Tusker Rock

I left Newton Point Bay two hours after low tide hoping to
catch Tusker Rock before it disappeared under the waves.
The Rocks are usually only dry two hours before and after
low tide. I was a little late setting off but with only a half
hour paddle out I made it before they disappeared. This
bay is great as a practice area as it's very sheltered from
the wind. I was lucky enough to spot two dolphins on my
way out.

There were a lot of breaking waves around the rock but
I managed to land on the north east side.


Tusker Rock with Ogmore by Sea in distance

Looking out to Tusker Buoy

I was hoping to paddle out to the Buoy but there were a
lot of breaking waves and I didn't fancy chancing it on my
first paddle.

The remains of the Ship Wreck

I then headed across to Ogmore By Sea and along the
cliffs to Dunraven Bay.

The wind forecast was force 1/2. There was a fair size swell
which created a lot of surf along Dunraven Bay where I was
hoping to land.

I made my way around Witches Point and landed at the next

After a quick bite to eat I made my way back against the
flow of the tide back to the car. The tide isn't extremely
strong along this part of the coast but it was a bit of a struggle
going past Ogmore by Sea, it felt like I was paddling
for ages and not going anywhere.

Only a short trip but was an experience for my first paddle
out to sea.


James Murray said...

Hi Stuart, welcome to the world of sea kayaking.
Just to be picky, I believe the SS San Tampa was wrecked off Sker Point. The general consensus amongst us local paddlers is that the wreck on Tusker Rock is a sand dredger the SS Steepholm which was wrecked on 3 October 1968.
Hope to see you out on the water sometime.


Stuart Wales said...

Thanks James I'll amend that. I got that info from the Welsh Sea Kayaking Guide Book by Andy Biggs and Jim Krawiecki. When the wind dies down I may have a chance to get back out there!